Private Coaching: Basic Session for Riders

This two-hour-long private coaching session* covers any of the below-listed needs and includes the following: a private consultation; a personalized assessment; a short video-tape review - upon request and where applicable; and follow-up support via e-mail.

Proper Helmet and Bicycle Fitting Assistance: Take a coach along with you to your local bike store to select a bicycle and helmet that's just right for you! One of our coaches will accompany you to check out their finds on Craig's List and other virtual bulletin boards.

Learning How to Shift Properly: Having trouble on those inclines or wondering why you're not getting very far very quickly? Take a coach with you on your next ride to maximize your pedal power. EVERYONE can ride a bicycle up a hill!

Route Planning for Fun, School, and/or Work: A CBC coach will help build your confidence by planning and then riding your route with you. This service is especially useful for parents who want to know which way their children may ride to school or their after-school activities and jobs.

Riding in Traffic: Are you already proficient on a bicycle but are fearful of riding in traffic and don't have a lot of time to take the Street Strategies: Traffic 101 course? One of our coaches will ride with you on the streets that seem most intimidating to help build up your level of confidence.

Simple Bicycle Maintenance: Do you want to know which minor repairs you can do on your own bicycle without paying for the labor at your local bicycle shop? One of our coaches can show you how to fix a flat and how to do a quick check and adjustment of your bike.

I Wanna Ride Well Enough to Get on a Citibike! Feeling left out but really want to try the whole Citibike scene? Your coach will assess your current skill set and help you to improve your riding.

Oh No! I Signed Up For A Weekend Warrior Triathlon Training Group And Don't Want To Be The Clueless One in The Pack: This service is for the rider who wants to feel solid on two wheels especially when riding in an organized event. A CBC coach will give you the edge you're looking for during training!

Help! I Crashed and Want To Get Back On The Saddle Again!: This service is for the rider who crashed and is now skittish but wants to get that confidence back. One of our coaches will determine where to start and will go at your pace within your comfort zone.

Um, I'm Not Sure Where to Begin-- But I Know I Want to Be a Better Rider!: This service is for the rider who knows the fulfillment of riding is there but can't quite get comfortable or enjoy the idea of riding a bicycle outside of a controlled, traffic-free area.

Other: I prefer to keep my reasons for wanting to ride better under wraps...

*There is a non-refundable booking fee of $100.

Private Coaching: Basic Session for Riders
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